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China IPPR of CAMCE won the bid for the design project of the West Branch of Yibin No. 1 People's Hospital

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  Recently, China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd, (hereafter referred to as China IPPR), a subsidiary of CAMCE, has overcome disadvantages such as short bidding period, complex project functions and variable terrain, and successfully won the bid for the design of the first phase of the West Branch of the First People’s Hospital of Yibin City, Sichuan Province, fully demonstrating its strength and advantages of medical projects.

  The hospital is located in the Southern New District of Yibin City. The project is divided into two phases. The first phase has 2000 beds and a construction area of 200.9 thousand square meters, of which 162,800 square meters are above ground and 38,100 square meters underground.

  Based on the respect for life, the plan aims to create a modern general hospital with first-class medical technology, advanced nursing mode and natural recovery environment, and uses smooth natural curves as design features to form a smart overall image, responding to the urban design and urban landscape with simple and exquisite shapes, and integrating the architecture and the city. Taking measures to local conditions and rational use of terrain height differences, it connects the centers of the hospital's second phase with the city's external traffic.

  After the completion of the hospital, it will become a complete and distinctive international medical center integrating medical care, first aid, teaching and scientific research, which will serve the entire Sichuan province and even the southwestern provinces.

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