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Return to shareholders

CAMCE values the return to shareholders and regards "return to shareholders" as one of its corporate manifestos. It clearly stipulates the basic principles, specific policies and review procedures for profit distribution in the Articles of Association. While maintaining consistent continuity and stability, the company's profit distribution policy also takes into account the company's long-term interests, the overall interests of all shareholders and the company's sustainable development.

Corporate governance

Since its listing, CAMCE has performed its official duties in strict accordance with the Company Law of the People's Republic of China", the Securities Law of the People's Republic of China as well as relevant laws and regulations of the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), continuously improved its legal person governance structure and pursued standardized corporate operations.

CAMCE has established a general meeting of shareholders, a board of directors and a board of supervisors. There are four special committees, namely, the strategy committee, audit committee, remuneration and appraisal committee, and nomination committee. In December 2019, CAMCE was granted the Excellent Board Award at the 15th Golden Round Table Forum of the Board of Directors of Chinese Listed Companies.

Information disclosure

CAMCE has disclosed various information in a truthful, accurate, prompt and complete way and ensured equal access of all shareholders according to relevant laws and regulations and the requirements of its Information Disclosure System. It has formulated the Information Disclosure System and Internal Reporting System for Major Information to stipulate the procedures for internal collection, sorting, summarization and reporting of major information of the company, standardize the drafting, review, notification and release procedures of regular reports and temporary announcements, and define the responsibilities and code of conduct of relevant internal departments during information disclosure.

Investors' relations

Attaching great importance to the management of investor relations for a long time, CAMCE has conscientiously done a good job in investor relations management in strict accordance with the requirements of the Investor Relations Management System, build various communication and interaction platforms for investors, and maximize corporate value and shareholder benefits through a series of activities such as receiving visits from investors, opening the feature of investor relations online, setting up the contact mailboxes for investors, providing investors’ contact number and holding performance briefings.

  • 2006年6月19日 中工国际在深交所上市.jpg

    On June 19, 2006, CAMCE was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange

  • 中工国际第六届董事会第四十一次大会1.jpg

    The 41st General Meeting of the 6th Board of Directors of CAMCE

  • 中工国际第一次股东大会.jpg

    The 1st General Meeting of Stockholders of CAMCE

  • 中工国际获第十五届中国上市公司董事会“金圆桌奖”——优秀董事会.jpg

    CAMCE was granted the Excellent Board Award at the 15th Golden Round Table Forum of the Board of Directors of Chinese Listed Companies

  • 中工国际首次公开发行股票投资者交流会1.jpg

    CAMCE IPO Investor Exchange Meeting

Safeguard the basic rights and interests of employees

CAMCE has been treating the applicants and employees of different ethnicities, genders, races, nationalities, etc. fairly, and established a fair and legal employment environment as well as a healthy and safe working environment, while earnestly ab\abiding by the Labor Law of the People's Republic of China, the Labor Contract Law of the People's Republic of China and relevant laws and regulations of the place of business.

Ensure occupational health and safety

To effectively safeguard the occupational health rights and interests of employees, promote healthy and sustainable development of the company, and build harmonious and stable labor relations, CAMCE has issued relevant systems to clarify the responsibilities of trade union organizations in supervision and inspection of occupational disease prevention and control, improve the ideological awareness and prevention & control capabilities of employees in occupational disease prevention and control, reduce the incidence of occupational diseases, and effectively safeguard the employees' right to life, health and safety.

Highlight the career development of employees

CAMCE has, on the basis of upholding the strategy-oriented, culture-guided, and mechanism-guaranteed concept and regarding employees’ growth as the foundation of corporate development, unimpeded the career development channels for employees and organized more trainings for employees, so as to stimulate the vitality and value creativity of various talents to the greatest extent.

Encourage employees’ communication and participation

For the pursuit of “increasing the strength of CAMCE, returning to shareholders, and benefiting employees”, CAMCE cares about the work and life of every employee, committed to improving the sense of security of employees, realizing their sense of achievement and enhancing employees’ sense of happiness. In addition to sending condolences by the leadership and dispatching professional personnel, CAMCE has organized a variety of activities, including the corporate culture exchange meeting, communication forum, corporate cultural activities, etc.

  • 国机杯1.jpg

    ‘SINOMACH Cup' Table Tennis Match

  • 沙滩排球1.jpg

    Beach Volleyball Match

  • 微信图片_20201019104802.png

    BMHRI Open Day

  • 慰问海外员工家属.jpg

    Condolences to families of overseas employees

Effective environmental management

As an enterprise seeking global development, CAMCE has always adhered to the concept of sustainable development, and integrated the concept of environmental protection into the whole-process business operations, so as to minimize the possible negative impacts on the environment of the business area involved.

Conservation and comprehensive utilization of resources

To ensure the product indicators meet the requirements of green environmental protection, CAMCE has taken various measures to control environmental pollution, and reduced energy consumption with clean energy. China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CAMCE, has thoroughly carried forward the green design concept in the design of EPC general contracting projects, for which it was granted multiple green star architectural design awards and international LEED gold awards, setting a good example for sustainable development.

Pollution and emission reduction

On the construction site of overseas engineering projects, it has strictly observed relevant local laws and regulations, and realized classified storage and compliant disposal of construction waste. During the construction process, it has strengthened the construction dust control measures to avoid the diffusion, floating and pollution of construction dust. For dust-prone operations, it has carried out dust removal by means of spray or wet operation; the roads on-site have been sprayed on a daily basis to reduce dust, and the bare earthwork has been covered with retina, compacted, sprayed with water and planted with lawn for dust removal and greening.

Ecological protection

In the process of project development, construction, production and operation, CAMCE has actively taken various measures to protect natural habitats, wetlands, forests, wildlife corridors, reserves, agricultural land, etc., promote sustainable use of land and natural resources and foster engineering and environmentally friendly development.

Orderly progress in water conservancy and environmental protection

The water environmental protection business of CAMCE is proceeding in an orderly way. The subsidiary China CAMCE Enviromental Technology Co.,Ltd. has been making efforts to optimize the talents training and operation system internally, while grasping opportunities and forging ahead externally, to actively promote green transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure.

  • 邳州市中工水务有限责任公司城北污水处理厂1.jpg

    Waste Water Treatment Plant Project in Chengbei, Pizhou

  • 长白山山水林田湖草生态保护修复工程打捆项目1.jpg


  • 中工国际中国中元承接项目获三星级绿色建筑设计证书.png


  • 中工国际中国中元获国际LEED金奖.jpg


Maintain the order of industrial development

CAMCE has adhered to its consistent value proposition and mission as a central enterprise of abiding by business ethics, observing international conventions and relevant laws and regulations of various countries, and advocating a market order of fair competition. As the governing unit of China International Contractors Association (CHINCA) and China Chamber of Commerce for lmport and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME), CAMCE has actively fulfilled its responsibilities as a director, and taken the initiative to offer suggestion on how to enhance the industry value.

Respect intellectual property

In 2019, CAMCE had paid patent annuities on time to maintain the validity of its intellectual property rights. CAMCE has included the intellectual property rights and confidentiality clauses in various contracts, fulfilling the responsibility of respecting and protecting intellectual property rights.

Independent innovation and technological progress

In 2019, CAMCE produced fruitful results in innovative technology. For example, it obtained eight invention patent authorization certificates, 82 utility model patent certificates, and 18 software copyrights.

Scientific supply chain management

Over the years, CAMCE has been paying close attention to and optimizing the supply chain operation process during project execution. The company has held the Partner Exchange Conference on "Joining Hands with CAMCE to Create a Better Future” for five consecutive years, with an aim to establish a good relationship with suppliers for best results.

Since 2011, CAMCE has implemented the project management information system across the board, and established a partner database to scientifically select partners through open, fair and impartial procurement management procedures, and conduct whole-process evaluation, monitoring and hierarchical management of partners so that the partners can participate in project cooperation on a fair and just basis, and the interests of partners and the company can be protected.

  • 项目部工程师在现场监督抗震装置安装1.png

    Engineers of the project department are supervising the installation of anti-seismic devices onsite

  • 项目部工程师在意大利实验室监督抗震装置试验1.png

    Engineers of the project department are supervising the tests of anti-seismic devices in the Italian laboratory

  • 项目与业主商讨施工方案.png

    The project party is discussing the construction plan with the owner

Implement the responsibility of satety production

CAMCE has firmly fostered the concept of safe development, put life and safety as top priority, and established a sound responsibility system and long-term mechanism for work safety to build a secure line of scientific management. It has started from "implementing safety and lean management and paying attention to employees’ occupational health” to ensure the safe and orderly development of various construction and production work.

In order to further strengthen the management responsibility of work safety, CAMCE has established a work safety responsibility system that is “vertical to the end and horizontal to the edge”. At the beginning of every year, the general managers of CAMCE will sign a Work Safety Responsibility Letter with senior executives, heads of the affiliated enterprises, department managers and project managers. By signing the Work Safety Responsibility Letter level by level, a top-down and employee-wide safety management organization has been established, clarifying the responsibility designated to each personnel.

Build harmonious communities and boost local development

To realize its important mission of fulfilling social responsibility and giving back to society, CAMCE has continued to implement localized operation, actively improved the construction of community infrastructure based on characteristics of the engineering industry, carry out public welfare activities in an innovative way, and participated in major social activities concerning national economy and people's livelihood.

CAMCE has attached great importance to community construction and the maintenance of the relationship with local communities, and won full trust and support from local communities and other relevant parties by providing medical and health services to the community, supporting the development of cultural, sports, education and other undertakings in the community, advancing infrastructure construction, recommending local employment, and promoting the development of the community where the project is located.

While devoted to creating high-quality and green projects, CAMCE has actively participated in various public welfare undertakings in the principle of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, and provided selfless assistance in rescue and relief work, rural and educational support, social welfare and other fields, building up a good image at home and abroad.

  • 在厄瓜多尔强震后派出大型机械参与救援,成功救出3名生还者,并组织捐款和鲜血。1.jpg

    Send large machinery for the rescue after the strong earthquake in Ecuador, successfully rescue 3 survivors, and organize donations and blood donations

  • 在乌干达举办联合义诊活动,并向当地诊所和学校捐赠医药和生活用品1.jpg

    Organize voluntary clinic activities in Uganda, and donate medicine and daily necessities to local clinics and schools

  • Donate stationery and sports supplies to Hugo Chavez Primary School in Nicaragua

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