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Prime Minister of Nepal attended the opening ceremony of the Pokhara International Airport contracted by CAMCE

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  On January 1, 2023, the Nepal Pokhara International Airport contracted by CAMCE was officially put into operation. 

  Prachanda, Prime Minister of NepalBishnuDeputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Wang XinChargé d'Affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Nepal, Ambassadors to Nepal, Ma Tao, Director of ICAO's Asia-Pacific CentrePradeepDirector of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal and Liu Shengcheng, Deputy General Manager of CAMCE as well as representatives of participating parties, major mainstream media at home and abroad, such as China Media Group and Xinhua News Agency, and nearly 20,000 local Nepalese people attended the ceremony. 

  At the ceremony, Prachanda issued a letter of thanks to the Chinese representatives participating in the construction of airport projects such as CAMCEunveiled the Pokhara International Airport and announced the commercial operation of the airport. 

  Pokhara International Airport is a national honor project of Nepal and a fruitful cooperation under the framework of the "the Belt and Road"  initiative between China and Nepal. Pokhara International Airport, which is the first modern airport in Nepal, is completely designed and built according to Chinese and international standards. After the Pokhara International Airport is put into commercial operation, it will greatly improve the local shipping capacity and effectively promote the tourism and economic and social development of Nepal. 

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