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CAMCE Signed EPC Contract of Immigration Square Urban Terminal at Port Louis Project in Mauritius

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  On July 14, Yan Hailu, Deputy General Manager of CAMCE, signed the EPC contract of Immigration Square Urban Terminal at Port Louis Project in Mauritius on behalf of the company. 

  At the signing ceremony, Yan Hailu expressed gratitude to the owner for their trust and support to the company, saying the company will make full use of high-quality resources, and efficiently promote the smooth implementation of the project. He hoped that the two parites will cooperate sincerely, deepen the long-term communication starting from this project, and carry out a wide range of cooperation to jointly promote the Mauritius market in a variety of fields with their respective strengths 

  The contract amount for this project is 945 million RMB, and the construction period is 36 months. The building contents are new bus terminal, office area, commercial and retail area, fire station, police station, cab stand, parking lot, green space and other related utilities. The scope of work includes design, construction, installation, shakedown test, and maintenance services. This project is a significant progress in the implementation of the company's 14th Five-Year Plan for "Integrated Development" strategy and the exploration of new markets. 

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