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CAMCE Signed EPC Contract for Miraflores Stadium Project in Panama

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  On July 4, CAMCE signed the EPC contract for Miraflores Stadium Project with PANDEPORTES. 

  The project is to build a ground track field in Miraflores District, Penonome City, Coquille Province, Panama .The scope of the contract includes the overall design as well as the construction of the first phase of the project with 1,200-seat grandstand, standard running track, natural lawn and other athletic function areas and 120-space parking lot. 

  CAMCE bid for the project jointly with local partners in Panama and won the bid in December 2022. The construction period of this project is 540 days.  

  The project is a new exploration of the company's innovative business model and financing plan. Upon completion, the project will be the first high-level civic sports center in the inland area of Panama, which is an important project for the benefit of the people. 

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