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Wang Bo investigated Xiamen Branch of China IPPR

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  Recently, Chairman Wang Bo of CAMCE visited China IPPR (Xiamen) Engineering Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China IPPR. Zhang Tongyi, General Manager of China IPPR; Xie Enting, Executive Director and General Manager of Shenzhen CMEC Industrial Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CMEC; Hong Feng, Executive Director and General Manager of China IPPR Xiamen , and Kang Xiqiang, Deputy General Manager of China IPPR Xiamen ; heads of related departments attended the meeting. 

  At the meeting, Hong Feng gave a comprehensive report on the anti-epidemic work, business performance, awards, important management measures, and future development plans of China IPPR Xiamen. 

  Zhang Tongyi said that in recent years, China IPPR Xiamen has made outstanding achievements. In the future, China IPPR Xiamen shall continue to think about how to carry out high-quality development; combine the preparation of the "14th Five-Year Plan" to promote business transformation and upgrading, and explore new business areas and new Business model, make good use of advanced technologies, and continue to maintain market leadership. 

  At the end of the meeting, Wang Bo delivered a summary speech. He said that in the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic , the China IPPR Xiamen has achieved the  unity of political, economic and social responsibilities of state-owned enterprises. It must make good use of the strategic opportunity period to achieve leapfrog development during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, and create a "learning-oriented" leadership team to lead a "learning-oriented" enterprise. 

  During the investigation, Wang Bo visited and inspected the representative and landmark projects of China IPPR Xiamen in local.

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