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Wang Bo Visited Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Jamshid Kuchkarov

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  On October 16th, Wang Bo, Chairman of CMEC Group and CAMCE, visited the delegation led by Jamshid Kuchkarov ,Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan, at the Embassy of Uzbekistan in China. Deputy Minister of Agriculture Alisher Turaev, and Deputy Minister of Investment, Industry, and Trade, Khamraev Oybek, the Commercial Counselor of the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in China Niyazmuradov Ikhtiyor, and the Deputy General Manager of CAMCE, Liu Shengcheng, attended the meeting. 


  During the meeting, Wang Bo welcomed the visit of Deputy Prime Minister Jamshid Kuchkarov and his delegation to China, expressed gratitude for the strong support and assistance provided by the government of Uzbekistan to CAMCE, and reported on the progress of the Uzbekistan Olympic City project, as well as other projects being participated in in Uzbekistan. Wang Bo expressed appreciation for Uzbekistan's recent reform and development achievements. He said that the company would continue to actively promote project cooperation with Uzbekistan, the in-depth connection between the joint construction of the Belt and Road initiative and the 2022-2026 New Uzbekistan Development Strategy, pass on the successful experience of Chinese path to modernization, and benefit the people of the two countries. 

  Jamshid Kuchkarov fully affirmed the company's achievements in Uzbekistan's chemical industry, large-scale sports facility construction, energy and other fields, expressed satisfaction with the construction progress, quality, and efficiency of the Uzbekistan Olympic City, and highly praised the company's comprehensive strength and project management. He hoped that the existing projects could be smoothly executed and the scope of cooperation could be continuously expanded, especially in areas such as agriculture, water conservancy, and hydropower. 


  The relevant person in charge of the No.5 Engineering Division of CAMCE attended the above meeting.

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