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Beijing Woteer Water Technology Co., Ltd.



In August 2013, CAMCE officially merged Beijing Woteer Water Technology Co., Ltd. Woteer is a professional water treatment high technology company which covers the water treatment technology research and development, equipment manufacturing, construction building and investment operations. Woteer has a global high-tech talented, research and development team, using different types of technology combined with detailed engineering, as well as excellent services for customer in the field of raw water treatment, seawater desalination, waste water treatment and FO MBC system.

Woteer’s philosophy is pursuing the most excellent product quality. Its business includes process design, equipment layout, part procurement, manufacturing, civil construction and installation. With its creative and innovative technology, Woteer provides competitive water treatment solutions and services for customers.


Lime dosing system of Changxing Power Plant




FO System of Changxing Power Plant




Pretreatment of clarifier in Changxing Power Plant




Pretreatment of clarifier in Handan Power Plant



The physical and chemical analysis lab of Woteer’s laboratory