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1. How to apply for those positions on CAMCE's website?

Firstly, please click Career Opportunities searching for a position that interest you, then you can press the apply button next to the position to submit your resume online. Our online resume builder includes two parts: personal particulars and education/experience. You can use either English or Chinese in filling your resume.

2. Do I need to indicate a position when applying?

Yes, all applications must be made toward a specific position. We do NOT accept any application which does not make clear its interest position.

3. Could you explain the recruitment procedure at CAMCE?

Within 24 hours after you submit your resume online, a confirmation letter will be sent to you by email. It takes us about 6 to 8 weeks to screen the resumes we receive. We will invite some candidates for interviews where appropriate. If there is no position that matches your particular experience and competencies for the time being, we will keep you CV in our talent database.

In general, selected candidates will be invited to attend at least 2 rounds of interviews-one hosted by HR department and the other by the hiring manager of the opening position. You 2nd tier line manager may also meet with you when necessary. You may also be invited to for some tests such as professional knowledge test or multi-competencies test.

4. What shall I prepare for a close book test? What shall I prepare for an interview?

Generally, you are not required to make special preparation for a close book test unless being notified.

We recommend those who are invited for an interview get well prepared for the meeting. You can log onto our website to explore more about CAMCE, systematically review your achievement and failure so far, and prepare some open questions. Some most commonly asked questions are listed as follows:

  • Could you tell us your personal development plan in the next 3-5 years?
  • Please describe a circumstance where you set a goal and take effort to attain it?
  • Please describe a teamwork experience?
  • Why you wish to join CAMCE? Please explain to us why you are qualified for the position?
  • Who has the greatest influence on your life? Why?
  • Could you tell us your maxim?
  • What is most intolerable to you?

  In our experience, successful applicants are always sincere, confident and natural. We appreciate frank, honest and open talks. We also expect to know your genuine nature, share your successful experience and uniqueness in an interview.

5. Can I drop up CAMCE office for an interview?

We will invite selected candidates for interviews after resume screening. If you visit our office without making an appointment, we may not have time to talk with you. Moreover, if we interview you without carefully reading through your resume in advance, it is unfair for you. Therefore, we hope you follow our recruitment procedures in your application.

6. Will there be any training after I join CAMCE?

CAMCE Management Institute runs one-week orientation courses for new employees twice a year. In addition, each department/business unit will also offer their new employees tailor-made induction courses.