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Along with CAMCE's progressive growth, our demands for talents are increasing too. We regard our employees as the most valuable wealth and are willing to recruit the most excellent and promising talents of the world along with expectation that every employee has good development opportunities in CAMCE. It is our commitment to our employees providing extensive development space for talents. You are looking forwards to growing along with CAMCE.

CAMCE aims at building itself a study-oriented enterprise and a platform for individuals' career success by means of optimizing the mechanism of talents identification and utilization so that every talent can have opportunity to exert his or her competences. It is CAMCE's core concept of value to integrate employees' personal career program with the corporation's development for growing together.

  • It is our belief that concerns should be given to every employee's present status, development and future. The largest success of the corporation relies on employees' success.
  • We remind us all the time that innovation will be limitless on the people oriented basis.
  • We do our best to have proper person in proper position.
  • We try to keep the talents working in CAMCE not only by payment, but rather by development opportunities and by sensation.
  • We encourage and urge every employee to motivate ourselves by higher expectation, required ourselves by stricter criteria, inspirit ourselves by challenge so than we can grow up along with the corporation.
  • We make efforts to train our employees to the best ones who are self-confident, self-respected, honest, practical, faithful, trustful, thoughtful and enterprising.

Talents Expected by CAMCE:

  • Talents excellent at such fields as market operation, product sales and administrative management
  • Talents who have good ethics and moral quality
  • Talents of creativity and team spirit who are able to take the responsibilities for development in the 21st century
  • Talents who have global awareness and corresponding competences