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China IPPR won the bid for the design of Tsinghua University's New Chemistry Hall

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  Recently, China IPPR won the bid for the design project of the New Chemistry Hall of Tsinghua University. This is the third time that China IPPR has left its mark on the 100-year-old Tsinghua campus following Tsinghua University Biomedical Museum project and Tsinghua University Library renovation project. 

  The New Chemistry Hall is located in the heritage conservation area on the campus of Tsinghua University. The total construction area is about 13,000 square meters. It is a collision between historical heritage and cutting-edge scientific innovation.  

  The plan integrates the building, site and environment into consideration, forming a comprehensive architectural cluster form in a communicative, open and independent manner by the continuation of the red zone architectural style and fusion of architectural simplicity and fashion charm. The New Chemistry Hall focuses on the creation of experimental functions. The functional design of the scheme is based on efficiency, sustainable development, modularization, and compatibility to meet the current needs of cutting-edge experimental functions and achieve full flexibility and adaptability to meet the development of the future. 

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