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CAMCE WHU won the bid for the comprehensive renovation project of Guizi Lake and Nanzhuangqiao Lake in Hubei

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  Recently, CAMCE WHU Design and Research Co., Ltd. won the bid for Guizi Lake and Nanzhuangqiao Lake Comprehensive Improvement Project (EPC). 

  The project is located in Gaobazhou Town, Yidu City, Hubei Province, with a construction scale of about 13 hectares. Guizi Lake and Nanzhuangqiao Lake were included in the Hubei Provincial Lake Protection List in 2012, but the lake environment has become increasingly serious due to long-term aquatic development.

  After the completion of this project, it will play an important role in improving the ecological environment of Guizi Lake and Nanzhuangqiao Lake and promoting the construction of aquatic ecological civilization in Yidu City. The winning of the bid for this project is another important achievement in Yidu Market, and it once again verifies the comprehensive strength of CAMCE WHU in the field of comprehensive water environment management. 



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