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Project undertaken by BMHRI won the First Prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award

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  Recently, Research and Application of Key Technologies of Biomass Plant Intelligent Fuel and Storage and Transportation Automation Systems completed by BMHRI was awarded the First Prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award by China Machinery Industry Federation(CMIF) and China Mechanical Engineering Society. 

  Through efforts of over a decade,BMHRI has developed two sets of solutions for package storage and transport system for straw and the dedicated storage and transport system for complex bulk straw material area. Evaluated by experts of CMIF, the results have generally reached the international advanced level of similar technologies. 

  BMHRI will promote and apply the results at home and abroad. By August, BMHRI has signed 47 projects for storage and transport systems for straw packages and bulk straw in 13 provinces and cities nationwide, among which 46 have been put into operation. The automatic bulk straw storage and transportation system have been exported to Pakistan and Cuba. The technology have created economic and social benefits to the country, which demonstrated BMHRI’s commitment and responsibility. 

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