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The industry standard of Technical Specifications for Farmland Drainage Engineering compiled with the participation of CAMCE WHU Design and Research was released

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  The Technical Specifications for Farmland Drainage Engineering (SL/T 4—2020) compiled by CAMCE WHU Design and Research Co. has been released and implemented. Liu Zhuo, Deputy Dean of Water Affairs Design Institute, CAMCE WHU, is one of the main drafters. 
  The standard was presided over by the Rural Water Resources and Hydropower Department of the Ministry of Water Resources, compiled by the China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, and jointly prepared by CAMCE WHU, Hohai University and Wuhan University. 

  The main content includes planning, design, construction and acceptance, operation and maintenance of farmland drainage projects. It is suitable for the planning, design, construction, acceptance and management of new, expanded and rebuilt farmland drainage projects. The issuance and implementation of the standard will further promote the standardization of farmland drainage projects, and provide technical support for ensuring project quality and improving project benefits.

  As a participating organization of the standard, CAMCE WHU has proved its leading advantage in the field of water conservancy, which will help further enhance its competitiveness and influence in the industry.

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