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Labor Union Committee of CAMCE Participating in The Double Competition Award Ceremony of SINOMACH and Winning The Honor

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    The Double Competition Award Ceremony of SINOMACH Labor Union Committee was held grandly in Guangzhou on 16th, May 2018. On behalf of CAMCE, Chairman of the Labor Union Huang Kaili took part in the ceremony. Human Resources Department of CAMCE was honored the title of Women’s Model Post by SINOMACH Labor Union Committee. Liu Jiandan, the Assistant President of Central Asia & Eastern Europe Division and General Manager of No.9 Engineering Department of CAMCE won the honor of Women’s Post Star.

    The Double Competition was set to compete for the best quality and most contribution, striving for Women’s Model Post and Women’s Post Star among women stuff of Subordinate units held by SINOMACH Labor Union Committee and Women’s Committee. Human Resources Department of CAMCE and Liu Jiandan stood out from all the Subordinate units, which fully showed the spirit of forging ahead and that women workers were as excellent as men and held up half of the sky.

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