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CAMCE Winning Honorary Title of Capital Civilized Unit for a Second Time

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    Beijing Municipal Commission for Constructing Spiritual Civilization released its decisions on Commending Advanced Unit for Constructing Spiritual Civilization in Beijing for the Year of 2015-2017, (No.2, 2018, Spiritual Construction), CAMCE won the honorary title of Capital Civilized Unit and it was its second time to win the laurel in the respect of civilization construction this year as well as its second time to win the title Capital Civilized Unit after 2015.

    In the past years, Party Committee of CAMCE worked hard to promote the construction of Capital Civilized Unit with various activities of party building and distinctive corporate culture. All of these activities paid off and provided ideological guarantee and spiritual support for CAMCE to forge ahead scientifically.

    Guided by the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and taking solving problems of both material and spiritual civilization without any letup as strategic guideline, CAMCE would integrate spiritual civilization construction as well as its business development, management, talent cultivation and corporate culture development to further improve the long-term mechanism for constructing spiritual civilization, and enrich its connotation and extension to raise standards and blaze new trials for innovation, thus pushing spiritual civilization building to a new level.  

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