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Chairman of CAMCE Luo Yan was Awarded as "2018 Excellence in International Contracting"

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  From June 7 to 8, 2018, the 9th International Infrastructure Investment & Construction Forum was held in Macao. The Chairman of China CAMC Engineering Co,. Ltd Luo Yan participated the opening ceremony of the forum and related forum activities.

  At the Forum Reception Dinner and Award Ceremony, Chairman of CAMCE Luo Yan was Awarded as "2018 Excellence in International Contracting".

  The selection of "2018 Excellence in International Contracting " is the event of China International Contractors Association for the promotion of the advanced figures in the industry, giving full play to the exemplary and driving role of the example, mobilizing the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the overseas builders, and promoting Chinese enterprises, making Chinese brands, telling Chinese stories and communicating, which promotes closer international economic cooperation. A total of 15 representatives from enterprises were elected and awarded.

  As in the awards: She is a forerunner of China’s Go Global policy. She continues to leave her mark throughout the world with her pioneering work. Her achievements in infrastructure and engineering projects can be witnessed across five continents. She has been credited as a trailblazer for the realization of the China-Belarus Industrial Park which was inspired by the joint vision of both countries’ leaders. This project is fast becoming a hallmark of the Belt and Road Initiative. By applying innovative strategies, her company has gone from strength to strength, achieving remarkable growth under her leadership. Over the last 28 years, through thick and thin, she continues to deliver the promise and values of Chinese engineering and is viewed by the industry as the “Rose of Steel”.












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