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Vice President Bai Shaotong of SINOMACH Inspecting CAMCE's Safety Production

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  Safety Production Inspection Team of SINOMACH led by its Vice President Bai Shaotong conducted special examination on CAMCE's safety in production. Chairman Luo Yan and Party Secretary Ding Jian received the inspection team and held talks on the afternoon of 25 th , June 2018.

  Chairman Luo Yan made detailed report on the current situation of CAMCE's production safety. Ms. Luo said serious alarm bells regarding safety production should be kept at all times, CAMCE would implement all the requirements and ensure the smooth operation of production safety. Mr. Bai fully confirmed CAMCE’s efforts put in production safety, preached the requirements of Production Safety Month and Safety Production On the Way, communicated spirits of production safety videoconferencing for central enterprises convened by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission jointly with Ministry of Emergency Management. In the meeting, central enterprises are required to strengthen the awareness of production safety red line, establish and improve safety management system to implement safe production responsibility system and set up a long-term mechanism in safety management.

  Director Li Yanping of Production Department and Head Wu Changlin of Safety and Environmental Protection of SINOMACH, and Vice President Wang Yuhang, Vice President Hu Wei, Assistant President Lv Lele, Assistant President Yang Dong, Assistant President Chen Guojie and Chief Financial Officer Huang Jianzhou of CAMCE attended the meeting.





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