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CAMCE Getting A on its 2017 Annual Information Disclosure Rating for the 8th Consecutive Year

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    Shenzhen Stock Exchange finished its 2017 annual information disclosure assessment on enterprises of main board, small and medium enterprises board and listed companies on growth enterprise market days ago. The rating for CAMCE is A and it's the 8th consecutive year for CAMCE to get the highest rating since 2010.

    On the basis of Rating Method of Information Disclosure of Listed Companies, revised in the year of 2017 of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, this rating took into consideration multiple dimensions including the adopted supervision measures against the imposed administrative penalty and disciplinary punishment during the assessment period, the management and coordination on information disclosure, investors' protection based on the criteria of truthfulness, accuracy, completeness and fairness of the disclosed information. And intensified supervision on extreme events like input error of important parameters and operation risks in company's announcements was considered as well in the evaluation. The highest rating reflects regulator's high recognition on CAMCE's capability for its information disclosure and standard operation.  

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