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2018 Mid-Year Summary Conference of CAMCE Smoothly Held

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    2018 Mid-Year Summary Conference of CAMCE was smoothly held on 6th, July 2018. The conference was chaired by Ding Jian, Party Secretary and Vice Chairman of CAMCE with Chairman and President Luo Yan, top management, middle management, overseas chief representatives of CAMCE, and some representatives from its subsidiaries attending the conference.

    Chairman Luo Yan delivered work report entitled “acting aggressively to ensure the achievements of annual performance target" on the morning of 6th, July. In her report, Chairman Luo elaborated on the main performance and work, summed up highlights occurred in the first half year of 2018, mapped out the working plan and put forward new requirements for the next half year of 2018. Chairman Luo Yan said “Management team should take the lead and shoulder heavy responsibility in the second half of the year. Party members and carders were required to play the exemplary and vanguard role, and party branches at grassroots level were required to give full play of the role of fighting fort to implement the annual performance targets.

    In the afternoon, all participants made an intensive discussion on Chairman Luo Yan’s work report. Party Secretary Ding Jian concluded the meeting by requiring all the participants to cultivate their Party spirits, enhance their political consciousness and conscientiously study Chairman Luo Yan's work report and use it as a guide for future work. All staff were required to bring forth new ideas and keep forging ahead to fight for CAMCE's sustainable development by putting safety and quality as its baseline and the first priority.

    CAMCE 2018 Mid-Year Brisk Walking Competition was held in South Park of Olympic Forest Park on the morning of 7th, July.

    The CAMCE’s 2018 Mid-year Summing-up Conference was concluded successfully. The staff of CAMCE will advance bravely and face the difficulties head on for achieving the annual performance target set in the year of "Forging Ahead". 

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