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CAMCE Attending the 6 th SINOMACH’s Track Meet and Winning Multiple Award s

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    The 6 th Track Meet of SINOMACH was grandly held in the stadium of Beijing Olympic Sports Center on 21th, September 2018. Over 480 People including senior executives and staff of CAMCE attended this sports meet.
    At the Opening Ceremony, CAMCE’s square formation was magnificent while chanting resonant slogan, waving orange ribbon which represented CAMCE’s determination to rebuild a new SINOAMCH overseas, plus gymnastics performer symbolizing a Chinese knot. The audience broke out in applause for CAMCE’s novel ideas and splendid performance. CAMCE will strive ahead along the Belt and Road to rebuilding a new SINOMACH overseas, chanting by the formation. This loud oath resounded through the Olympic Sports Center and showed CMACE staff’s strong confidence to contribute their due share for SINOMACH’s development. Soon afterwards, all square formations gathered in the center of the pitch and performed the 9 th broadcast gymnastics and passionate dance.
    CAMCE was awarded 5 honors of Special Award of Merit, Prize for the Best Organization, Innovation Award of Best Square Formation, Prize for Outstanding Radio Gymnastics and Prize for Sports Coverage.
    The essence of sports meet is to participate and strive to one’s best. Everyone should apply this sportsmanship into its work, stay in project host countries to deliver China’s engineering value, thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Ear and Spirit of the 19 th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and stride towards world-class companies by place much emphasis on quality.






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