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Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee of SINOMACH Zhang Xiaolun visited the Emergency Command Team and Technical Expert Team of China IPPR for Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Outbreak

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  On January 25,the first day of the first lunar month of 2020, Zhang Xiaolun, Chairman and Secretary of Party Committee of SINOMACH, came to China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CAMCE, to visit the staff members who were working at the post to prevent and control the novel coronavirus pneumonia and designers who were actively discussing the construction plan of the hospital for epidemic prevention and control, and wished everyone a happy Spring Festival.

  Liu Xiaohu, General Manager and Secretary of Party Committee of China IPPR, reported to Mr. Zhang the working situation that China IPPR actively assisted Wuhan and provided consulting services for the construction of Huoshenshan Hospital.

  After receiving a letter of help from Wuhan, China IPPR immediately set up an emergency command team consisting of the leadership and relevant department directors and a technical expert team headed by Huang Xiqiu, national survey and design master, model of the spirit of SINOMACH, and the chief architect of China IPPR. After 17 years, China IPPR has once again formed a team of design experts for major epidemics to provide 24-hour technical support services for the construction of Huoshenshan Hospital.

  When reporting on the progress of the work, Liu Xiaohu said, "Because of the project of Xiaotangshan Hospital, we have always paid attention to technical reserves and experts represented by Dr. Huang Xiqiu have always been committed to this. Over the years, we have formed a set of technical solutions of China IPPR. It can be said that under the current circumstances, there is no problem with our technical reserves! "

  Mr. Zhang expressed his gratitude to the China IPPR design team for their hard work, and was pleased that SINOMACH has such a team that can fight tough battles. He pointed out that the Central Party Committee attaches great importance to the epidemic situation, General Secretary Xi Jinping has held meetings, listened to reports and made important instructions many times. The State Council has held meetings to study and deploy in time to study and solve problems in prevention and control, which presented the commitment responsibility for people’s health of the Central Party Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core. It is hoped that China IPPR can fully carry forward the spirit of state-owned enterprise, bring out the full potential of SINOMACH to serve the needs of the country, make good use of experience in the construction of infectious disease hospitals, give full play to the advantages of technology, personnel, and material reserves, and obey the national and local government's epidemic defense deployment and arrangement to complete tasks with high quality.

  When referring to the application letter for fighting the epidemic situation submitted by Dr. Huang Xiqiu, Mr. Zhang stated that he was deeply moved and praised Dr. Huang as a model for all SINOMACH staff members. Mr.Zhang also inquired about the difficulties in the work in detail, and said that SINOMACH would give full support to ensure that China IPPR would successfully complete its task. He also urged everyone to strengthen their own protection, maintain full energy to make greater contributions to epidemic prevention and control.

  Everyone said that it is the incumbent responsibility of central enterprises and employees to solve problems for the state and the people. The caring, sympathy and support of SINOMACH Party Committee have greatly encouraged employees and everyone will make all efforts to provide high-level technical support to contribute to the fight of epidemic prevention and control.

  At last, Mr. Zhang demanded that SINOMACH headquarters and all subsidiary enterprises should take their responsibilities for the prevention and control of the epidemic, establish a working mechanism of key management taking overall responsibility and relevant management making specific decisions, obey the command and arrangement of local government and report to them the relevant situation to the local government as soon as possible, and important information should be reported to SINOMACH as well, and make efforts to win this special battle.

  Relevant management in charge of SINOMACH Office, Party Committee Work Department and other departments attended the visit. Members of China IPPR Emergency Command Team and Technical Expert Team of China IPPR for Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Outbreak attended the meeting.

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