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Ding Hongxiang, Deputy General Manager of SINOMACH Headed a Group to Visit China IPPR Hainan of CAMCE

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Ding Hongxiang, Deputy General Manager of SINOMACH, Liu Zuqing, Chief Economist, Zhang Wei, Head of the Preparatory Team of SINOMACH Hainan, heads of relevant departments of SINOMACH, and subordinate companies, visited Haikou office of China IPPR(Hainan) Engineering Design &Research Institute Co., Ltd. Ding Jian, Chairman of China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd. participated in the activity. The leaders of SINOMACH learned in detail China IPPR Hainan's design projects and awards over the years. In the office area, Ding Hongxiang talked with the designers and encouraged the employees to work harder under the new situation and continuously inject new vitality into the development of SINOMACH and IPPR. 


The leaders of SINOMACH were informed of the report of China IPPR Hainan on the planning and construction of Haikou City and Jiangdong New District, and discussed the next steps of SINOMACH's participation in the construction of Hainan International Free Trade Zone and Free Trade Port. Ding Hongxiang affirmed China IPPR Hainan’s contributions to promoting SINOMACH brand by rooting in the Hainan market, basing on professional technology and creating quality design projects. He also put forward expectations and requirements on the development of China IPPR Hainan in terms of improving market expansion capabilities, innovation of system and mechanism, and talent team building under the new situation. He finally emphasized that China IPPR and China IPPR Hainan should fully devote themselves in the relevant investigation and research on the construction of Hainan International Free Trade Zone and Free Trade Port to contribute to the new development of SINOMACH in Hainan. 



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