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Wu Yongjie, General Manager of SINOMACH, visited CAMCE

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  On the morning of August 3, 2020, Wu Yongjie, General Manager of SINOMACH, visited CAMCE. The visit was held in China IPPR International Engineering Co.,LTD (hereafter referred to as China IPPR), a subsidiary of CAMCE. Wang Bo, Chairman of CAMCE, Ding Jian, Chairman of China IPPR, and Wang Yuhang, General Manager of CAMCE, attended the visit.

  At the meeting, Wang Bo reported on the basic situation, development history, implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's instructions on the main responsibilities of the main business, COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control, and resumption of production, as well as the production and operation situation and existing issues of the company in the first half of the year.

  Wu Yongjie affirmed the important role of CAMCE in the development of SINOMACH. CAMCE actively implemented the Belt and Road initiative, served the country’s regional strategy, and actively implemented the spirit of the General Secretary Xi Jinping's instructions, which directly reflected the resolute implementation of the two Individual maintenance and the establishment of the four consciousnesses and fully demonstrated the consciousness of a central enterprise in fulfilling its political responsibilities. During the COVID-19 epidemic, CAMCE and its subsidinaries took the initiative to fulfill their social responsibilities, assisted in the construction of life shelters, and demonstrated the mission and social responsibilities of central enterprises with actions.

  Wu Yongjie pointed out that in the future, CAMCE must keep in mind the mission of central enterprises, actively serve the national strategy, and closely integrate its business with national development strategies. CAMCE must analyze in depth the current opportunities and challenges, and in the face of difficulties in the overall business, the company needs to think about changes in crisis, readjust and reposition the company's strategy and business, accelerate the pace of transformation, and scientifically evaluate the potential risks of investment projects, come up with feasible solutions to resolve major risks.

  Wu Yongjie put forward two requirements for the management of CAMCE. First, it is necessary to stress political rules, improve relevant systems and do good propaganda and education of anti-corruption, and establish a long-term mechanism for clean Party governance. Second, CAMCE should attach great importance to overseas epidemics and carry out orderly the prevention and control of epidemic, especially for collective epidemic incidents.

  During the study, Wu Yongjie visited the China IPPR Exhibition Hall. Ding Jian reported on China IPPR development history, business progress and achievements in COVID-19 epidemic prevention.

  Wang Xiaohu, Director of SINOMACH Strategic Investment Department, Wang Yuqi, Director of SINOMACH Operation Management Department, and Zhang Yu, Director of SINOMACH Project Contracting Business Management Department, attended the visit. Relevant executives of CAMCE, China IPPR and Beijing Materials Handling Reserch Institute Co., LTD. participated in this visit.

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