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The opening ceremony of CEETC and CAMCE Lecture successfully held

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  On the afternoon of December 8, the opening ceremony of CEETC and CAMCE Lecture were held at the headquarters of CAMCE. Wang Bo, Chairman of CAMCE, Li Haixin, Deputy General Manager, Zhang Aili, Chief Financial Officer and Secretary of the Board, Liu Shengcheng, Deputy General Manager, Huang Kaili and Kang Guoqing, Assistants to General Manager, Huang Feng, General Counsel; Sun Zhijie, Division Chief of the Finance Department of China Postal Savings Bank; Yang Dong, Assistant to General Manager of CAMCE and Chairman of CEETC, Chen Jian, General Manager of CEETC, and representatives of affiliated companies to CAMCE attended the event which meeting was chaired by Yang Dong. 

  After watching promotional video of CEETC, Wang Bo, Sun Zhijie, Yang Dong, and Chen Jian jointly unveiled the plaque for CEETC. China CAMCE Water Co., Ltd. has officially changed its name to China CAMCE Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.. 

  Zhou Hailong, Deputy General Manager of CEETC, and Chai Jia, Deputy General Manager of Liangshan Branch of China Postal Savings Bank, signed the Loan Agreement Xichang City Kitchen Waste Treatment Project on behalf of both parties,whick marked the official start of the project. 

  Wang Bo mentioned in his speech that CEETC must promote green development and promote the harmonious coexistence of man and nature, elaborate a good development plan, seize opportunities and focus on resource allocation. As an important investment, construction and operation platform of CAMCE in the field of environmental protection, the name change of CEETC reflects CAMCE’s earnest expectations for the future development of the environmental protection sector. CEETC should actively coordinate the internal resources of SINOMACH and CAMCE to contribute to the development of CAMCE's investment and operation. 

  After the ceremony, the first CAMCE Lecture was successfully held. Yang Dong mentioned in his speech at the beginning of the event that the establishment of CAMCE Lecture is to better build a learning enterprise, strengthen internal and external exchanges, and build a positive corporate culture. 

  Wu Desheng, the Chief Expert of China Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences, gave a professional and wonderful lecture with the title of Process and Equipment related to Organic Waste Fertilizer Utilization. 

  Middle and senior management and related employees of CAMCE, China IPPR, BMHRI, CAMCE, CEETC, China Woteer, CAMC, CAMCE Logistics, CAMCE Canada in Beijing participated in the above activities. 

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