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Cambodia National Stadium designed by China IPPR was selected as the Stadium of the Year 2021

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  Recently, the announced the ranking of the Stadium of the Year 2021. Among them, the Cambodian National Stadium designed by China IPPR, a subsidiary of CAMCE, was selected and ranked 6th. 


  The Cambodian National Stadium is the largest and highest level of foreign aid project provided by the Chinese government so far. The project has been designed since 2015, which started construction in 2017, and completed and put into operation in 2021. 


  China IPPR's design incorporated Cambodian traditional cultural elements and adopted the world's first cable-stayed-tension structure system, which is a perfect combination of architectural aesthetics and structural beauty. 


  The stadium will serve as the main stadium for the 2023 Southeast Asian Games and the ASEAN Para Games, filling the gap of large-scale modern stadium buildings in Cambodia. 

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