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Yan Oya Reservoir Project by CAMCE Reported by Xinhua News Agency and Multiple Mainstream Media

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    Xinhua News Agency publishes an English and Chinese newsletter titled Yan Oya Reservoir Project Benefiting Local Farmers For a Coming Bumper Harvest, and reported on the Yan Oya Reservoir Project on 5th, April 2017. And this newsletter has been widely reprinted by many mainstream media including,, World Wide Web and 21CN.  

    By interviewing nearby villagers, the reporter of Xinhua News Agency shows the tangible changes brought by the Project in terms of people's life and villages' new looks. Meanwhile, the Project is delivering the value of China Engineering and conveying life's hope to Sri Lanka people at the same time.

    The Project employer, officials of Sri Lanka Irrigation Bureau , says in an interview that the Project is completed one year in advance, giving full expression to the professional management and high efficiency of Chinese team. The Project brings new hope for a good harvest, and local people and officials are highly anticipated the  new life ahead.







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