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Belarus Capital TV Reported the Interview on Chairman of CAMCE Luo Yan

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    On May 14, 2017, Belarus Capital TV's "this week" column reported the interview to the chairman of CAMCE Luo Yan. In the interview, chairman of CAMCE Luo Yan answered questions about relationship of China and Belarus, attracting investments in Belarus and the "Great Stone" Industrial Park project, etc.

    Chairman Luo Yan said in the interview that the completion of infrastructure in the first phase of the park starting area projects created conditions for the investment. Since the President Xi Jinping put forward "The Belt and Road" initiative, countries along the line positively responded. CAMCE followed the national strategic layout, and actively participate in more than and 20 countries implementation project along the "Belt and Road" countries. The implementation of the the "Belt and Road" strategy will further deepen in the development of bilateral strategic partnership, promote more projects in Belarus, improve the level of technological development, create more employment opportunities, and stimulate the economic development of Belarus.

   Belarus Capital TV official website use the title of "Great Stone Industrial Park Co-founding leadership of the company: Belarus political environment is stable, which is crucial for Chinese investors" written reports on Chairman Luo Yan's interview. 


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