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Xinhua News Agency and Asia Pacific Daily Covering Flood Prevention and Disaster Relief Efforts Assisted by Sri Lanka's Water Conservancy Project Constructed by CAMCE

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    Xinhua News Agency and Asia Pacific Daily reported goods and materials donation by CAMCE after Sri Lanka suffered severe flooding in article of Sino-Sri Lanka Water Conservancy Project Cooperation Benefitting both Peoples Said by Sri Lanka Officials and Sino-Sri Lanka Water Conservancy Project Cooperation Providing Help in Sri Lanka's Flood Prevention and Disaster Relief on 19th, June 2017. The articles introduced the Southern Water Diversion Project of Sri Lanka and Yan Oya Reservoir Project in Sri Lanka play a positive role in the uneven distribution of water resources in Sri Lanka and in easing flood and drought problems in Sri Lanka.

    More than 200 people died and hundreds of thousands of families suffered from the floods and landslides triggered by Sri Lanka's extraordinary rainstorms since 26th, May. A donation activity of disaster relief was co-organized by Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources Management of Sri Lanka and CAMCE. Mr.D.D.Ariyarathna, the Additional Secretary to Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources Management, said in an interview that Sri Lanka is suffering more and more floods and droughts in past years and the main work of Yan Oya Reservoir Project constructed by CAMCE has been completed at the beginning of this year. The irrigation system of barrage and water diversion dams of this project will solve the water shortage problem and meet the demands of agricultural irrigation and domestic water in the north central part of Sri Lanka.

    CAMCE has been committed to Sri Lanka's water conservancy infrastructure construction and delivering the value of China engineering. These projects have tangibly improved people's livelihood and boosted agricultural production capacity to create more economic benefit for local people, so Sri Lanka government and its people show their deep appreciation to China's assistance.

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