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“Faraway Home, the Belt and Road” column of CCTV 4 Broadcasting Mandalay Bridge of Myanmar Constructed by CAMCE

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    “Faraway Home, the Belt and Road” column of CCTV 4 broadcasted Mandalay Bridge of Myanmar constructed by CAMCE on 13th, July 2017.

    Guided by Wang Liguang, Vice General Manager of No.1 Engineering Department of CAMCE, the reporter came to the beautiful Irrawaddy river and visited Mandalay bridge constructed by CAMCE, so the audience can appreciate the majestic bridge and know drastic changes happened to local traffic, people’s life and economy because of the bridge, and Myanmar benefited a lot from CAMCE’s advanced technology. Mandalay bridge is miniature of CAMCE’s projects in Myanmar and the program showed CAMCE’s good cooperation with local employers of Myanmar and its strong brand influence on them.

    Myanmar is the place where CAMCE starts its dream and lays solid foundation for its rapid development and growing into today’s skyscraper, so people of CAMCE will continue to work on Myanmar’s land and make its own contribution to its economy and people’s livelihood.

Video Link of the Report:

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