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Building High Quality Assistance Project to Realize 47-year-old Airport Dream Phoenix TV Special Report on Pokhara Regional International Airport Project in Nepal, Constructed by CAMCE

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[video:凤凰卫视《龙行天下》 20190113]


  In the evening of January 13th, 2019, the "Odyssey of the Dragon" program of Phoenix TV broadcasted a special report on Pokhara Regional International Airport Project in Nepal built by CAMCE.

  The program showed how Chinese concessional loans have helped the investment countries to gain their development opportunities, and it is represented by the Project of Pokhara Regional International Airport. In the program, it gave full expression to the background, significance and positive social effects of the project as well as the booming project site. In parallel, interviews with officials from various departments of Nepal, representatives of preferential loans from the Exim Bank of China, the project manager and staff, objectively demonstrated the profound impact on the local people from the completed projects, which are financed by Chinese preferential loans.

  So far, the Pokhara Regional International Airport Project, a great interest to both side of governments, is China's largest assistance project to Nepal, and it is also the key project of China's " the Belt and Road" cooperation with Nepal. The construction of the project not only brought in China's advanced construction technologies, but also generated about 600 jobs for the region. After the completion of the project, the local population will realize the 47-year-long dream for an international airport, welcome tourists from around the world and create enormous development opportunities to boost local economy and tourism.



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